WWOOFers Information Page

We have welcomed WWOOFers to Westfield Farm since November 2009 and every single one of them deserves sincere thanks for their help with our projects.  We could not have achieved as much as we have without them.

From January 2016 we will be welcoming local, Day or Week-end Wwoofers so do get in touch if you are interested.  You can see from the Annual Calendar what sort of work we do at what time of year and we are always keen to welcome Wwoofers who are interested in helping at our events.

Some of our projects are illustrated in the Gallery

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Westfield Farm WWOOFers’ Quotes

"I thought I would probably have to do a whole lot of weeding before getting anywhere near an apple! Well as it turns out I did do a small spot of weeding but thanks to Bryony’s endless energy, enthusiasm and willingness to share her vision for her grassy field I soon became involved helping to prepare and lay some of the groundwork for the forest garden and even helped plant the first tree."

"Now I know how to chop up and prepare different types of mulch, lay black ‘absolutely no weeds here’ fabric and prepare the ground for the Forest Garden and the individual trees. Every now and again I was also encouraged to pick blackberries, raspberries, rhubarb, (well anything fruity and edible really). We made gallons of fresh fruit juice cocktails AND smoothies, ( mmmmmm), took pictures of the Westfield bee tenants (currently renting an attractive wooden apartment next to the apple orchard), examined dragonflies, baby newts and frogs flopping around the ponds."

"I stayed for two weeks and no day was the same and I had a warm welcome from everybody I met at Westfield Farm, including the tractor man and the singing roofer!"

"I have enjoyed it a lot, staying at your farm and I liked the kind of work we did. That way it didn't feel like work."

"Thank you for your hospitality and your patience in answering my endless number of questions about the English language."

“I have learnt a lot about gardening (new for me) and I enjoyed the idea of the Forest Garden – sustainable gardening.  I even enjoyed Dandelion Jam and Nettle Soup !”