WWOOFers Information Page

We have welcomed WWOOFers to Westfield Farm since November 2009 and every single one of them deserves sincere thanks for their help with our projects.  We could not have achieved as much as we have without them.

We welcome local, Day or Week-end Wwoofers so do get in touch if you are interested.  You can see from the Annual Calendar what sort of work we do at what time of year and we are always keen to welcome Wwoofers who are interested in helping at our events.

Some of our projects are illustrated in the Gallery

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Westfield Farm WWOOFers’ Quotes

“I think permaculture is a new, gentle way to protect nature and everything interlocks”. 

“We loved everything we did !  We learnt how to make a stumpery, how to care for the chickens and ducks and we made bird boxes with recycled materials.  Thanks for your wonderful welcome !”

“At the kitchen table I met so many different and interesting people.  It was a helpful and enriching experience for me sharing in funny, lively or serious discussions.”  The open-minded attitude and the sustainable behaviour at Westfield Farm are most inspiring”.