Harvest Newsletter 2015

HUGE thanks to all those of you, family, friends and Wwoofers, who helped us with the apple harvest this year.

As usual, we were favoured with perfect good weather and managed to harvest on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday for five week-ends from the end of September to the end of October.  Each Monday we set off with the big trailer and every load was over one tonne, which is the minimum Thatchers will accept.  Kelly was very generous with her time, towing the trailer for us with her Land Rover and, as ever, our apples were by far the most beautiful we saw in the pits at the factory !

It has been a fantastic growing year – as far as the Orchard grass was concerned, rather too good.  We mowed  in September, once the sheep had been moved, but the weather has been so mild we were scrabbling around in really long grass for fallen apples under the trees this last week-end !

Our next task is to work our way around the trees in the Orchard to prune and feed them in preparation for next year’s harvest.

While gathering apples we even had time to take some fun photos..........! 

We were modern day Apple Pickers in the style of Frederick Morgan 1860 – 1927) Thanks Tania !