MARCH 2015

Having been travelling for the last couple of months it has been a joy to return to the Farm and see the progress being made.   Kevin's video of the bees busy on the willow blossoms (posted on our Facebook page) really cheered me up and, although things have been rather quieter since the cold weather returned, I can see from the observation windows at the back of the hives that all three colonies seem to be coping well. 

We have lots of bee activities planned this year and our first monthly group meeting took place on 7thMarch.   We continue our study of The  Buzz about Bees by Jurgen Tautz.  His comments about "What Bees know about Flowers" (Chapter 4) really focus our attention on how and what we need to plant in our gardens, although a recent article in the April issue of Country Gardener by Rosy Bee shows some interesting results of her research.  We need to plant many more Echiums in our gardens! 

Considerable progress has been made on the East Slopes in preparation for planting the vines.  The hedges have been trimmed back and deer fencing erected around the entire field which has been ploughed and looks quite beautiful!   The next steps will be the harrowing and then we will be planting vines on Easter Sunday the most propitious time, according to the biodynamic calendar.  Do contact us if you would like to come and help  there are seven hundred vines to plant so I think we are going to need teams of people.  The Australian family members who will be with us are very excited!

The sheep are looking particularly well and are, obviously all very nearly full term with their pregnancies.  Lambing will start in a few weeks time and, because Mark takes them to the maternity-ward barns on his own farm, things will be very quiet here for a few weeks.  Once they return, the joy of seeing and hearing the lambs and watching them grow will no doubt entertain us delightfully as usual.  

 Please check out the website for a full list of our upcoming events, we have an exciting year ahead!

 Best wishes,