Events at Westfield Farm 2018

We have a busy programme of events planned for 2018 so contact us to request a booking form and / or if you would like to find out more about any of the courses and meetings mentioned below.

We also regularly welcome day and residential Wwoofers by arrangement.

For further information, or to join our monthly Bee Group meetings, please use our contact form.


January           13th      18.30-20.00  Wassail Celebrations

                        27th      10.00-12.00  1st Session Natural Bee-keeping Course


February        24th      10.00-12.00  2nd Session Natural Bee-keeping Course


March              17th      11.00-12.30  1st Bee Group Meeting of 2018             

                        24th      10.00-12.00  3rd Session Natural Bee-keeping Course


April                 14th and 15th               Bee Week-end

                         21st      10.00-12.00  4th  Session Natural Bee-keeping Course


May                   13th      13.00-15.00  Forest Garden Lunch and tour

                          26th      10.00-12.00  Final  Session Natural Bee-keeping Course


June                  10th      Forest Garden Lunch and Mad Hatter’s Tree Party


July                    8th       Forest Garden Lunch and tour


August              12th      Forest Garden Lunch and tour


September        9th        Forest Garden Lunch and tour


October                         Apple Harvesting and Juicing at week-ends