Chew Valley Natural Beekeepers


We hold regular, monthly meetings here at Westfield Farm on the second Saturday each month, from 11.00 to 12.30.  Our first meeting in 2017 will be on Saturday 12th March. 

 Our get-togethers are very informal and open to anyone who is interested.  We discuss topical issues and share knowledge and experience which helps us to help the bees.   Most people are happy to make a voluntary contribution of  £2.00 for attendance at each meeting to cover refreshments and admin costs.  

We also like to study some of the many fascinating and informative texts available and are currently working our way through Jurgen Tautz’s  book The Buzz about Bees. 

We welcome visitors so do get in touch.

We run regular courses for those interested in learning more about bees and how we can care for them.

I am also available to give talks to garden and wildlife groups so contact me at

During 2016 we had a busy year of bee related activities – starting off with our Bees in Trees week-end in April when we hoisted a log hive into an oak tree on the slopes here which, I am happy to report, is now inhabited by a colony of bees.  We hope the tree trunk hive in the Forest Garden will be adopted in the swarm season this year !

During 11th – 12th  April, 2017 John Haverson from the Hampshire Natural Beekeepers’ Group will be joining us to run a Warre Hive Workshop Week-end, so do get in touch if you would like further information.