Welcome to Westfield Farm

Our thirty acre farm is situated on south facing slopes overlooking Chew Valley Lake in North Somerset.

When we moved here in December 1995 little planting had been done and our first task was to design and plant a walled garden.  Having spent our lives travelling the world,  we had little experience of gardening but with helpful advice from friends and professionals we included a fruit cage, pond, raised vegetable bed, croquet lawn, herb garden  and woodland area which are now all well-established and give us, and the local wildlife, much pleasure throughout the seasons.

Maintenance is ongoing, of course, but it is all designed to be easily cared for with the minimum of disturbance, using permaculture principles.

More recently we have been working towards making the Farm as self-sustaining as possible.  We have installed solar power to provide electricity for three of the buildings during the day.  We also use solar hot water for the main house and we are harvesting rainwater from all the main roof areas.

In April, 2012 our Forest Garden was recognised as a centre within the Permaculture Association LAND project and we now welcome students from all over the world who want to learn about Permaculture principles and techniques and how we use them here. 

On the Farm we practise the principles of 4 Rs:-

Respect for plants, wildlife and other people we have contact with;

Reduce waste where possible by thinking about what we buy and how we use products around the Farm.  All food and goods are sourced as locally as possible without excessive packaging.  Log burning fires are used for heating whenever possible, with wood sourced from the Farm.  Low energy bulbs are used for all interior and exterior lighting and we use Owl monitors to check our electricity consumption;

Re-use wherever possible by trying to find a second life for items no longer required.  We are committed to re-using as much of our waste as possible;

Recycle is the least preferred option of these Rs.  All paper, card, glass, plastic, tin and food waste is put out for regular, weekly collection.  Vegetable waste is composted.  Any equipment which is no longer required will be recycled via St Peter’s Hospice shops or sold or donated.  We endeavour to purchase recycled or second-hand equipment whenever possible.

For information about a specific aspect of the Farm, please click on any of the links above.